• Citypark Business District, Mutiara Palem, Blok A No. 05 - 07. Jl. Kamal Raya Outer Ring Road, Jakarta Barat
Exhibitor Scope
Transport & Logistic Indonesia will be focused on some areas


Transport & Logistics Systems

Transport Companies: Sea, Air, Rail and Road, Messengers, Couriers and Express Delivery, Logistics Operators and Platform, Intermodal transport, Ports and Shipping Companies, Cargo handling terminals, Ports and freight terminals.

Warehousing, Equipment and Material Handling

Forklifts and Lifting Items, Transport Elements, Equipment and Furniture for Warehouses, Pallet Raking, Containers and Recipients, Packaging, Cargo Vehicles, Cargo handling equipment, Rolling-stock and component parts.

ICT Solutions

Communication Technologies applied to Logistics, Data Processing Systems, Identification systems, coding and labeling, E-commerce and e-business Systems, Transport Control and Data Processing Equipment, Positioning and Navigation Systems, Integrated Traffic Management Systems (ITMS), Software Developer and Producers, Navigation and Monitoring System, GPS Tracking Systems.

Associate Services

Temporary storage warehouses operators, Financial services (Leasing, Insurance, Investment), Inventory Management, Freight Forwarding, Custom services, Storage.